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Chinese Interpreter & Sourcing Agent

  • Visiting your suppliers;
  • Visiting wholesale markets, factories, trading companies and trade shows;
  • Attending business meetings;
  • Organizing business forums;
  • And more.

Guangzhou Interpreter Leon

Leon, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Interpreter Joyce

Joyce, Guangzhou

Tom, Guangzhou

Yiwu Interpreter Ayesha

Ayesha, Yiwu

Yiwu Interpreter Selina

Selina, Yiwu

Shenzhen Interpreter Chloe

Chloe, Shenzhen

Guangzhou Interpreter Jerry

Jerry, Guangzhou

Foshan Interpreter Rose

Rose, Foshan


Gary Knox. CEO at Fourth Dimension Engineering, Inc.

I have employed Leon on several business trips to China over the last 3 months. As a non Chinese speaking American, I needed a reliable translator and assistant. Leon far exceeded my highest expectations. His use of the English language, and understanding of the western culture made my job a lot easier, and made me feel at ease. We were working on a project well outside his skill level ( 140 meter vessel), but his eagerness to learn was most impressive. If the opportunity arises again, I will not think twice in asking Leon to assist me. He has my highest recommendations and upmost respect.


Shaun CEO at The Property Supplier.

We hired Joyce as our Secretary whilst we did business in China. She reached all her goals and went the extra mile without being asked. She is a true Super Girl and never stopped working even outside business working hours. As well as being our Secretary she also interacted with our Clients to maintain future business relationships for when we departed China. She has boosted our business with Chinese Clients. I don’t think we could’ve asked for anyone better than Joyce. We will be visiting China several times a year and will definitely use Joyce each time. A massive thank you to Joyce for everything you have done.