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For Customers (Seeking Service)

Secure Payment

You may have concerns paying deposit or full service fees to servicers via off line methods like Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union etc. At weservicers.com, we’ve made it easy and secure for you to pay online with PayPal, major Cred Card and Direct Bank Transfer, so you don’t have to worry about fraud.

Secure Service

You can filter serviers by ratings, check reviews posted by previous customers of a servicer and contact the servicer directly before ordering their service. In this way, you know the capability of your chosen serviver before paying anything.

For Servicers (Providing Service)

Secure Payment

With our online booking system, you don’t have to worry about “No Show” or “Last Minute Cancellation”. Receive your order with a deposit payment and the balance paid after service fulfilled. Cancellation can only be approved when customer and servicer has both agreed.